Monday, December 05, 2016

Home from the Victorian All Welsh Show.

This photo is of S and F in our motel room. It was quite an eventual week end. I had a nasty fall on my face when we arrived after a 10 hour drive, I was so tired I wasn't watching my feet and missed a step and crashed straight down onto the cement on my nose, my top teeth going into my top lip. Blood every where but ice on my face and the swelling held off a bit. What a stupid thing to do. Any way with a battered face I survived the week end, caught up with lots of old friends and our 2 section c cob mares did well, with the mare culminating a good week end by being Champion ridden child's pony. Very pleased. A long drive home, a new foal. I feel rather as if I have been run over by a bus but have managed to get a lot done. I will not be long out of bed.

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Penny said...

Whoa!!! Hope you're feeling better. I've taken falls like that and its always so embarrassing to me when it happens. I'm more worried about getting up and dusting off than whether I got hurt or not *smile*!