Friday, December 30, 2016

A bit of stitching and flowers in the house.

I have stitched up a couple of these little birds, I can see more happening. I have a sore toe at the moment which is not helping me think qbut I am catching up on some house work and most of the ironing is done. I am making dessert for our New Years eve dinner with friends tomorrow night, we have heaps of strawberries so something using them will be made, I am still researching recipes! I shopped this morning early as the town is full of tourists and any way I am up not long after 6 am. I did some cutting back in the garden and while I was at it picked as many different hydrangeas as I could find to bring inside. Some of the Christmas people are enjoying them as well. George is still being a bit unsettled since we got home, last night he decided he needed to sit behind d me on the high back of my chair, fine for him but a large fluffy tail in my face didn't go down very well with me. 2016 hasn't been the best year for us, or for the world. Couldn't believe the deaths of Carrie Fisher, such a beautiful Princess, or her mother Debbie Reynolds.

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