Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A lovely day on the Island.

We are still feeling our age today and not doing a lot. We are still up early though. Visited friends this morning and are invited out for dinner tomorrow , it is the summer solstice and Johns 79th birthday, we have organised to go out to lunch and now this but I do think our age is starting to catch up with a certain slowing up. I dont mind, the smell of baking bread and a view to die for. We should be so lucky. ,


Barry said...

Hi R - age sure plays with us. Hope it is a good day for both of you tomorrow. Go well. B

Penny said...

We've been dealing with the age thing and its not fun! We both tend to push ourselves so as not to give into it, but then we deal with the aftermath *smile*!! The island looks lovely, I would love to be there for a sunny day (which we haven't had in what seems like forever). Hang in there!