Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas decorations and George.

I always decorate the mantelpiece here on the Island, no tree as George is likely to dismantle it but today I bought another little bird house, a Christmas one, I love these and have quite a collection, made by Wendy of rustic nest, I will do another post of these lovely little things. George having spent most of the first day under our bed is being a fat potentate on a towel on one of the couches. He spent some of this morning on the pool table potting balls. Another busy day out for drinks tonight, in to Kings cote and collected a bottle of orange and ginger spirits from the brewery. It is yummy. The wind has been up a bit, very pleasant. Oh our son, grandson and his wife called in, they are having a baby in June, another great grand child, what fun.I am enjoying resting and not doing a lot, it has taken time for the last few weeks to get over

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