Saturday, December 12, 2015

The last few days

i am so tired, we didnt have as many walks as normal this week (oh, double click to enlarge the collage) but this is a few of the photos, The yellow roly polys have just appeared and there were some ducks in the sea as well. I have been making cakes and biscuits all day, after a trip in to the farmers market and a walk, Friday was a marathon shopping day and Thursday I drove up to a big shopping center about a bit over an hour away to get a few things. I always think I have everything for Christmas and then find I havent, its all a nonsense. We leave for the Island on Friday morning so I have to have everything done. John made the Pate yesterday. I have put a wreath on the front door but that is about all as George thinks everything new is for him to play with. I bought him a collar when i went shopping, which he hates, now to organise a phone number to go on it. I must be getting old, even with a list I am forgetting things. Still the weather is lovely, as it should be but the weather people are talking about it heating up for the end of the week. John is netting trees, with it being so dry the birds are eating everything they can get their beaks on, whether it is ripe or not. We are also trying to make sure all the watering systems work, not an easy job. Off to finish a few small gifts, most of the cards have gone, I do less and less each year, a couple of parcels have gone or are about to go too,far flung grand children! Hope you have a fun filled week end.

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Penny said...

This week is my holiday busyness time. I'll be getting all the grandchildren and great grandchildren's 'stuff', ready for mailing. There are the cards sitting here waiting for me to get busy and finish them off. Our Post Office is going to love me along about Thursday!