Friday, December 04, 2015

the last few days

Walking has been a bit spasmodic as the weather has changed. No walk this morning as I was shopping but the beach has on the whole been pleasant if a little windy at times and yesterday it was getting a lot warmer.Today is not terribly pleasant and the next few days sound like the ones to stay inside for most of them, heading up to 40 degrees on sunday and possibly tomorrow as well. My friend R and I were going to drive about 10 hours, with a break in between over to see the Victorian Welsh Show at Tatura in Victoria, neither of us have been for a few years, we used to go every year, but with the forecast getting worse and worse we decided we couldnt leave stock, gardens or family and with one dreadful fire last week to the north of Adelaide, we didnt want to be driving home in heat. Any way I dont do heat terribly well and show grounds are not the most pleasant of places when it is hot. So I m watching for results on facebook and doing some sewing. Stay safe everyone.


Hildred said...

Love the soft shades in your photos, Penny - what a different life you lead with your close proximity to the sea. Love to hear about it...and to see your photos..

Penny said...

These pictures look almost like winter -- which it definitely isn't with high temps like that. I don't blame you for not wanting to be in a car on a long trip in the heat.