Monday, December 21, 2015

Antechamber Bay

double click to enlarge. Mostly these were taken this morning at Antechamber bay, I think there is one at home, 2 on the day we came over and one of George relaxing. The cottage is in Penneshaw and the large beetle was one I hadnt seen before. It was cool and grey on the beach this morning, lots of roly poly's in the sand hills and birds in the scrub. Fascinating holes and lichens on the rocks. All in all a good mornings walk. Johns 78th birthday, heavens we are getting old. I am having lots of problems with arthritis in my hands but am still managing to do thins, even if it is a bit slower and I do think twice about clambering over rocks. About to have my afternoon read, and the inevitable nap. I dont have to worry about food for tonight and any way I think we are eating far too well, I am sure I am expanding.tomorrow night we have friends in for drinks, which just may morph into dinner too as I have loads of food. John is asleep, so is George, that is what a few days away is all about.

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Robin Mac said...

Sounds like you are having exactly the right sort of holiday, I hope John had a very happy birthday. Keep enjoying and have a wonderful Christmas. Cheers