Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Early this morning

On our beach walk there was a white egret on the reef, it caught something but I couldnt work out what. I tried to crop this photo but it didnt come through to where i put them on my blog. very calm and still and getting hot when we walked, the wind came up later. I really hate this weather. Try double clicking to enlarge the photos. When the weather is like this a little bit at a time is the way to do things. I have played around a bit with paint and I have also cut out some hand stitch patterns but it is much easier to do what I have to do and retire with a book.


Barry said...

Hi P - whilst I liked the photo of the white heron and its catch - i felt a sense of calm with the photo of the curve of the beach and soft light. Go well into 2016. B

Penny said...

I agree with Barry -- it all looks so calm. However, it also looks cool (as in weather cool) when I know from visiting you it is anything but 'cool'. I has been raining here, soooo much. The main road we go out is closed due to flooding and we have to go down the hill the back way, very inconvenient. However this area needs the rain so I shan't complain.