Saturday, December 05, 2015

cake, bread and birds

It has been very hot today, what to do? The air con doesn't work terribly well when it gets as hot as this, 41 degrees in Adelaide, 38 here. We went to the market early and then walked. Home and the first of 7 Christmas cakes I need to make. A loaf of bread, but that is normal, I make one every 2nd day. Then the birds, not totally finished, but almost. I have 1 more to finish beading, and 3 more to start getting it together. Have to keep busy when there isn't much one can do outside. Hope every one has a safe weekend.


Penny said...

I'll bet your house smells so good from the baking bread.

Robin Mac said...

My gosh Penny, you are certainly keeping busy - everything looks great. I love your birds. Hope the weather cools off again soon. Cheers