Sunday, December 20, 2015

Not doing a lot

Today was recovery day after the 4 days of terrible heat we didn't do a lot. I didn't think it had affected us very much, but I think we are getting older heat does. so today I did a lot of sleeping. Tonight though John baked a loaf of sour dough bread and I baked a very nice fish plaki, taken from Elizabeth David's a book of Mediterranean food. John had gone fishing, and caught nothing but the fellows in a shack near us were on the beach with him and gave him a big salmon.These are a rather strong and coarse fish but make a great plaki, baked with garlic, onion. tomatoes parsley lemon, oil and wine. The juices mopped up with the bread. Tomorrow is John's birthday. We plan to walk. Then out for dinner at the pub.

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Countryside Tales said...

Happy birthday john! I'm not good in heat either :-)