Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas morning

A mix of photos taken this morning on an early walk at Antechamber bay. Lovely on the beach but hot as soon as we walked through the sandhills. Contacted all the children, chilled bubbles, sea food salad and raspberries and ice cream for lunch, now a sit and read under the airconditioner. Once we didnt have such things and we survived, trouble is houses are not set up for heat anymore, no through drafts, even this one that was, has lost its fly netted doors and windows. Home tomorrow. Double click the collage to enlarge.


Robin Mac said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time, hope the weather does not get too hot again. Very mu7ggy here, but the rain is to the west of us - in the drought area so we are very happy for them.

Barry said...

Hi P - what a beautiful Christmas morning - must have been refreshing to take in the sea and birds etc. Sorry to see that SA has been having a tough time. Go well and may 2016 bring joy and creativity. B