Sunday, July 31, 2011

Such a brilliant day

Yesterday we did a lot and this was the glorious view, clear water and breathtaking colour of the sea as we walked after I had been to the market. At the moment this is my favorite walk as it is relatively flat going along from the Petrel Cove car park. We even met a beagle walking too.
I went home and had a fit of the tidy ups but I am paying for it a bit today, feel terribly tired but am still trying to get the house straight.
John has just come home from fishing, he caught a few nice fish I think we are both feeling rather tired, I know that when I am not home he doesnt sleep well and well, I had three very full on days.
Tomorrow we go to Adelaide so I am pacing myself.
No painting, no sewing, just a bit of re grouping. (There is a plus too, the bathroom has had a good cleaning so I feel terribly virtuous!)
I do feel so much better though, I have trouble realising how awful I felt before.
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virginia said...

Such wonderful photos. You are so lucky to have that walk every day just near your front door. How long do you think you felt awful? Even when you were with us two years ago? I hope you'll go on to feel better and better. But it sounds like it, what with the cleaning spree and all!
That is usually a sign!

Lots of love,


Sophie Munns said...

great photos Penny!'
Love to step out and see these views!
Cleaning sprees are good for the soul as well as the rest... so I hoe to see you getting better...and enjoying more days without worries like the present.
thanks for your comment today!