Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pennants finished

Here are the remaining four pennants that I have to do for the swap. I still have to put details on the back but that can wait for a while.
I have felt a bit off today, the aches are not there so much but I have not felt terribly good. I assume that my body doesnt like the stopping of one lot of meds and the starting of another.
So what could I do? get onto the sewing machine and do some mindless sewing around these pennants.
I hope that the recipients dont think they are too awful as they have been done under a lot of difficulty.
I am having a bit of a panic about the long 3 days I am going to have next week and just hope I can manage it. I think the thinking about it is worse than the actual happening.
Looking forward to a better tomorrow.
Again thank you all for the kind thoughts and wishes you have sent my way, bloggers are wonderful!

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Wanda..... said...

Your pennants are lovely, Penny. I enlarged them to view all the special details. Again, glad you are feeling better.

Suztats said...

I love the colors you've used, Penny. Hope you're feeling well soon. Hugs

shirley said...

Your pennants are great Penny, hope you continue to improve with the new medications and are soon relatively pain free.

annie said...

Lovely pennants, Penny. Do hope the meds will continue to make you more pain free, and hope they come up with a helpful diagnosis.

Julie said...