Monday, July 04, 2011

Busy being a tourist

We went up to Toowoomba for lunch, dinner and morning tea.
J has developed a bad cold and John and I just hope we dont get it.
I think just coming home from overseas and then too much socialising has caught up with her.
We stayed with a dear friend overnight in Toowoomba, we were warned it would be cold but to us it was very pleasant.
Lovely to sit and talk and have time for a smidgen of sewing and just generally catch up.
D is on one side of Toowoomba and not far from the Japanese gardens at the University so we had a lovely wander around there.
I didnt get all the birds that visited the bird feeder but these rainbow lorikeets just begged to have their photo taken.
I had to take the photo of these croton leaves for future reference, I have had very little time to sit and sketch.
We had morning tea with other old friends who have built a fabulous new house in Toowoomba,on the escarpment on the other side from D, they used to live on the coast and we all played tennis at their house in the old days, J moved on and is now near her family and this was the view and the lovely sun room area we sat in for morning tea. a truly beautiful house, too big for me but I didnt build it and it is beautifully decorated with all J's bits and pieces.
We called into one of the roadside markets on the way home for some fruit but couldnt find what we wanted but the photo was fun.
Finally, a walk along the beach here at the Gold Coast and some of the buildings you see as you walk. again so typical of this area. I am not sure if this one is crooked or not! Somehow I think it is the design.
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Hildred and Charles said...

A lovely collage Penny, - really enjoyed hearing about your day - it sounds like a splendid holiday.