Friday, July 15, 2011

Base for the Pennant swap

I am in a pennant swap and this is the start, I think of the base I am making.
Slowly slowly at the moment as my body doesnt want me to do too much for too long but at least this is a bebining. I have to make 6 and I think this will make 4 so I will see how these turn out before getting on to the last two.
I am using felt and silk tops embellished on and then at the moment a lot of cut up scraps and net over the top, now to sew, slowly!
I have good days and bad ones, at least last night I slept after my trip to the physio but I am a bit sore today, probably because I have finished my book I am standing and walking more.
We had a frost this morning so it has been very very cold, and the sun has mostly been sent away by clouds and that doesnt help keeping the house warm, or me for that matter.
Still at least I have something positive to get me motivated. I am a little late getting started on these, so I hope I get them done by the end of August, lots of hand sewing and embellishing to go on them before they are finished.
I am so envious of all those having warm summer weather.
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Suztats said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, Penny. The base for your pennant swap looks very interesting with all the colors. Take care.