Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camellia and pin cushions

It is very damp here but I crept outside to take a photo of two fo my camellias that are in full flower at the moment. I love them as they give me some flowers at this time of the year.
We had a dollie get together on Sunday and one of the things was a kit to make these gorgeous cup cakes, I think they are meant to be pin cushions but I would love to make a few to pop on a cake stand they look so gorgeous.
I am still feeling pretty fragile and I was tired after sunday and then there was the physio yesterday and some washing and cleaning to be done.
I am doing my blog early today in case I fall in a heap later!
I am learning to do things slowly and not expect to get done things that normally I would get done quickly. Its frustrating but if I have to learn how to do things differently well so be it.
At least I can still see and hear and there are plenty of things to keep me amused.
I am not sure house cleaning is one though!
John took me over to see some of the grandchildren and our great grand son, I was begining to wonder if the small ones would remember who I was! Mason assured me that my name was Pen!
They are delightful.

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Robin Mac said...

Beautiful camellias. The cup cakes are lovely too. A couple of years ago I visited a house where the owner had a cakestand of them on the bench in her family room. they looked good enough to eat! I hope you get some more energy soon, getting slower in a big downer about getting older. Cheers anyway