Friday, July 29, 2011

Back from Northern Victoria

Sarah and I had a very tiring but wonderful trip away, to Upper Lurg! dont you love the name, near the Victorian Alps to visit Mark Bullen and his newly moved Imperial Welsh Stud.
We took back a stallion we have had on loan, a wonderful boy who has left us some beautiful foals, and a little A brood mare we had swapped to NSW, Daniel met us at Marks and he had brought over the little stallion we swapped the mare for.
We had a 12 hour drive and were still going with a dinner party at about 10.30 and then totally collpased in a heap. Lovely to meet up with very old dear friends and have the time to talk and see the new property.
We were up bright and early the next morning as there were ponies and studs to see. Down the road to Weston, Janet was away but Dick was there and the cats, see the photo. Janets garden looked wonderful. Daniel was looking at a mare there.
Then back to Marks to see all the ponies, so many beautiful ponies. Wonderful hills as well.
The first two photos are at Marks and the one of Sarah is there as well. I really didnt take a huge number of photos and now wish I had.
The birds there are also wonderful, so many wonderful red robins but too quick for my little camera.
I was having a quiet afternoon as the pills are working and I feel so much better but didnt want to push my luck so Sarah and Daniel went off to look at Nattai River while I sat by the fire, and then when they came back we went over to Mark Brown at Indi Stud and saw some of the cobs, Daniel had a mare to pick up there then back to snare a couple of colts almost in the dark, I once more stayed inside!
Out to the pub for a quick meal and then home, some chat but another long day and early morning the next day.
We were up at a bit after 4 am and loaded ponies and off by 5. Home after thank heaven, an uneventful trip at about 3.30. another about 10 hour day with Sarah doing all the driving.
I am being a bit slow today but still feel so much better. I think this was the tonic I needed although I could have done without the length of the drive!
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Wanda..... said...

Loved the second photo of all the ponies...glad to hear you are feeling so much better, Penny!

Suztats said...

So glad this was a good tonic for you, and you are feeling better. I enjoyed your pics.