Saturday, July 16, 2011


I was up early this morning as we had to do some marketing it was about-3 degrees and a frost so I leapt out the front door to take photos, I am afraid the frost doesnt show up very well in the first one. the second photo is the garden just by the front door, no frost there as it is against the house. It is a very dry bed but the cactus and succulents seem to do well there.
We have had a very dry July so far, just very cold, probably what I would call a normal winter for us and it is a pleasure to have one after 10 years of odd winters, just hope this one ends with a lot of rain in spring.
It was lovely to go to the market and catch up with friends, some expected and one who is not from here but I know from the fibre forums.
I felt I had been shut up all week and seen nothing but John and my physio!! I am not going stir crazy just yet and friends have asked us for an impromtu dinner tonight which will be lovely. Just hope the body will cope.
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Robin Mac said...

I am glad the frost is with you and not here Penny - I can't cope with the cold these days. I am equally unimpressed with the way the body will not keep going these days either - my knee is good some days and horrible others! Cheers