Monday, July 11, 2011

Back home again

We came home to a mountain of mail but included was this wonderful package from The Thread Studio, I had been chosen from I dont know how many for their give away for being I think the 600 friend on facebook, sorry Dale if this is incorrect but it all happened while I was away.
A great haul of very useful stuff.
Next a few photos of still being in Queensland, a row of vegetables in the market, including purple carrots! I just loved the way everything was presented.
Then the happy crew at lunch under Mt Warning at Martha's Kitchen, a wonderful lunch on the verandah and lots of good food and wine. It was lovely to catch up with friends, some were all old skiing mates. John of course took the photo.
Then Mt Warning itself taken from the car park of the restaurant. Looming over the top of us. Once John and J actually climbed to the top, up the ladder but I stopped at the bottom of the ladder, too much for me as I have no head for heights.
A long flight home yesterday and then a cold drive into freezing temperatures, the fire lit and heaters on, I had forgotten how cold it can be.
We were in bed early but unfortunately we had been sleeping in a much bigger bed than our double and going back to the double I found it difficult to get comfortable with aching shoulders, could hardly get myself moving this morning, but after a massage by the physio I feel better, and now have most of the washing done, some bread baked, the animals fed and feel I can relax a little, Oh and all the clothes that didnt get washed are away, but I just know that there is a mountain of ironing to do.
So the next few days will be taken slowly as I get things back to normal. It was lovely being away but is wonderful to be home.
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Robin Mac said...

Coming home after a holiday is wonderful, but the washing would be much better if it could just look after itself! I hope all your aches and pains disappear soon. Cheers

ArtPropelled said...

That pile of ironing sounds quite daunting. Hope the aches and pains sort themselves out soon Penny. We seem to be having similar weather. Frost every morning but it's beautiful sitting out in the midday sun.