Saturday, May 07, 2011

This and that

The top photo is of the piece of blanked I dyed using eucalyptus leaves, the black spot is where I unfortunately had a piece of metal rod holding it down. I wont do that again but I am so pleased with this piece.
I have finally managed to get my two folding books together, it took me a while to figure out how to put the two different signatures together but I rather like this fun book. the bird on the front cover is one of my lino cuts, except I used easy carve instead of lina as my arthritic hands dont like the lino.
Finally for a few minutes the sun came out and my lovely smoke bush is turning the most gorgeous golds so I had to take its photo.
Still cold and rather overcast. John is away again today but I went in to the market this morning and bought a few herbs and I have planted them out, put together two pairs of earrings and made a yummy pumpkin soup using a few left over bits as well. (Last nights butter chicken sauce lifted it nicely)..
In the pot waiting to be taken out in a day or two a piece of silk I have used rubber bands to see what sort of shibori affect I can get, I am doing Jude Hills Sun moon and stars and thought I might get some star like or even moon looking bits, not blue but brown but that doesnt matter. Yesterday I bleached a moon shape in a piece of an old denim skirt.
So why do I feel blue? I have no real idea of what direction all of this is taking me, I suppose it is the weather and my aching joints but it is really annoying me and I need a walk.
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Wanda..... said...

The results are very lovely, Penny...You'll manage the dark spot...I'm sure!

annie said...

Lovely dyed fabric, Penny. Happy Mother's Day, by the way.

Suztats said...

The smoke bush is beautiful! So is your dyed fabric. It'll all come together: I often think that when I'm feeling antsy, but don't have direction, my brain is just busy absorbing new information. But maybe that's just me. lol
Happy Mother's Day!