Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday morning walk

It was wild and windy and eventually very squally with high winds and rain. we managed our walk around the base of the Bluff and I took some photos of the sea and the sky and people trying to fish, I know you can get squid here but all I could see was their lines going straight under the little jetty and I know from my diving days there is not much under that jetty..
And what Victor looked like from where we were.
An enjoyable coffee before the rain hit and then I was stuck in Woolworths until it stopped.
We had a bout 4 mm out of it.
Another foal yesterday born in the middle of the day, a palomino colt. All well.
We went over to McLaren Vale see our grand daughter Celina play in her netball grand final. they lost by one goal but she played well.
Called in to get some plants at the Willunga farmers market and met a friend there so quite a social morning, but we both came home tired!
I made an interesting fish curry last night which impressed John, he may get it again as the sweep he had caught went well in it and now I know how to do it it was relatively easy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Penny
Love your photos of the the bluff and Victor. I imagine that it was a very cold and windy walk, but invigorating. I was at Strathalbyn yesterday and it was wet, windy and cold, but at least it was raining.
I like the sound of the fish curry. Perhaps you could pass it on!