Friday, September 14, 2007

Silage making

I thought it was about time I did a change from bags. This was silage making the other evening, I think if you click on the first one you will possible see it a bit clearer. This shows them windrowing the cut material and the second one the bulldozer making the stack.
All over now and the stack is covered in plastic. It all happens so fast.
We had 6 mm of rain overnight after another day of high winds, I think the moisture levels are just keeping up.
I am still making little bags, they are rather addictive and it is fun seeing them emerge.


Sequana said...

I grew up on a dairy farm in Central Illinois so I know about silage...*S*

And how much fun it was to climb up the outside of the silo it was kept in.

Thx for reminding me of that.

Elizabeth said...

I hope tath you continue to get some rain- I know that you need it so badly!! i am making silage at my home in VA, but on a much smaller scale! i am planning a new raised bed for tomatoes and basil and flowers (in my front yard- very daring around here- hence the flowers for decorative cover!!) I am layering leaves and grass clippings to compost over the winter and then will plant it out in the spring!
is this your acerage/ this pile must get mighty hot!!!!
Thanks for sharing this with us!!