Saturday, September 08, 2007

Small jumper

I was really cross as I ran out of wool on the last sleeve so had to finish in the red. I had tried to get some more wool but none was available. It will have to do for home.
Any way it is finished so another one for a baby in what looks like becoming a hot dry summer!
Very warm here today although they are forecasting rain. I hope so.
I am a little tired today as we went to Wendy's 50th party last night, and I tied for first place with my head gear so that was fun, added another bottle of bubbly to what we had, a bit of a fuzzy head this morning.
Lots of our native orchids are out in the shade house, I must take some photos and they smell delightful.
Talking to someone today about the horse flu and the affect it is having, no shows with horses at all, all the local agricultural shows are going to be affected as well as out South Australian All Welsh show, normally held in early November we are trying to re schedule it for January but are not really sure if we can have it at all at the moment. It is causing us to lose sales of ponies. Luckily so far the flu itself does not seem to be in this state.


Sequana said...

You know, it looks like a designer sweater now. I really LIKE it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny
The jumper looks very special. Don't worry about the red bit. It is just the right background to embroider something on it
Can you send me your postal address for me to send a few of those chiffon scarves we talked about the other day