Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cloth dolls at the Doll Club meeting

I think I am back from looking after Patti, put her on the plane for Melbourne this morning and saw my mother and have come home more tired than I like to think. These dolls were part of the display in Adelaide we had for Patti when she did her flat doll day. I used the new camera and I dont like the way they look so fuzzy,could be my photography too though.
The one in the middle of the group photo holding a stick is mine, not sure who did the others and Shirley Shaw did the magnificent samurai figure.
I hope life gets back to normal in a day or two.
I loved having Patti with me, Wendy came for lunch yesterday and we had a ball catching up on 'stuff'. John also found some kangaroos for Patti to see and she was fascinated in my peacocks and all the bird life around.
At least I now have the computer back as that went off with John to Adelaide, I felt lost without it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Penny
I really enjoyed the the flat doll day with Patti, although I didn't do the doll.
I am actually quite enthused and have started fishing out fabric and patterns and so on. Let's see what the result is.
I would like to know if this message comes up next time you log on or does it get lost as it is a old p0st? Cheers Christine