Monday, January 22, 2018

Walking the beach near Hayborough and a new flower

We decided to go and walk the beach near Bridge Point at Hayborough this morning, we havent been there for ages but as it was cooler and overcast a nice firm sandy beach to walk on. Lots of dog walkers but nice to go on a different beach for a change. This one hasnt got much in the way of shells though. We walked for about an hour and I was really ready to come home and have a coffee and a sit down. I found this magnificent flower on a strange plant in the gravel wastes (as I call them) first I thought it was a euphorbia but then realised that it was a stapelia, I hadnt ever seen this one I think it is grandiflora, I only knew the smaller more common one. Love this and even if the flower is supposed to smell of rotten meat so far I cant smell it. Must take a piece off. A lot of the ones here look quite sad but there are a couple that look ok. I bought some more petunias today too and potted them into the two cement pots I have had waiting for something to go in them. I just hope they get established a bit before the week end when it is supposed to heat up again, although I dont think this time we will be as hot as Adelaide, they are expecting 40, 42, 42 a proper South Australian summer heat wave. Not much one can do but walk early and then find something easy to do like hand sewing, which I am doing or reading. I went mad yesterday and bought Jill Maas's lovely Ratty pattern, but of course now I cant find the fabric for him, another trip to the container, sigh.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I saw that Ratty pattern. I am thinking I must get Douglas (I think that's his name). He reminds me so much of my Min Pin. But then I wonder what I will do with more dolls. I used to sell them and I felt they had a purpose. Somehow I have in my head that pure enjoyment is not a proper purpose. What? Did you just encourage me to buy Ratty? AND Douglas? I still have the page up on my tablet...just waiting for that bit of encouragement.

I enjoyed our visit today.
xx, Carol