Sunday, January 07, 2018

Around the garden.

The purple is some sort of wandering jew I think. My collection of pots and the flowering gum over the road. It should look spectacular in a week or so. We went to get more pots today, I think they may be the last as I can't cope with many more. Did pot up a few geraniums. I think they will cope reasonably well

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning
Your flowers were a joy to see this morning. I took a peek out my window when I got up, just to see how much MORE white there is in the front yard. About 2 inches during the night. Sometimes our snow comes from North Wind traveling over Lake Michigan (called Lake Effect Snow). The direction of the wind determines who gets dumped on. This weekend an area about 20 miles from here (where I grew up) got 30 inches of the white stuff. I'd guess we've had about 12 over the last week. We are headed for a January thaw which usually brings rain to melt the stuff, but then a cold snap to freeze it over. So glad we are retired.
xx, Carol