Sunday, January 21, 2018

Busy couple of days

It has now cooled down a bit but the humidity is up. Yesterday was my great grandson Lachlan's first birthday, celebrated with a bbq lunch. I am not sure he was terribly impressed with it all but every one seemed to have fun. We had walked the cliffs earlier, and came back from the party rather tired, watched the last bit of stage 5 of the tour down under, and then a movie I havent seen before but I know the theme tune well, The Big Country with Jean Simmons, Gregory Peck and the wonderful Burl Ives. Nice to watch while hemming small squares of fabric. Today it seems even more humid, we had a walk on the beach and was glad to get home. I think the cooler weather is making me tired, all I want to do is sleep! I seem to get up early and do things and then collapse in my chair. Reading or sewing. I think the hot weather seems to take a lot more out of one the older one gets, trouble is it doesnt use up many calories. I loved this blue crane who was fishing on the reef, low tide today but the beach has changed, a lot steeper and not so easy to walk on with a hip telling me off. We walked back on the bike/walking track, love the view over the low for dunes. Trouble is I am a slow walker these days and wobble a bit, always a worry when both walkers, dogs and cyclists pass me, I dont mind the ones coming towards me but worry about those who come from behind and either dont ring their bell or I cant hear it. Its not fun getting old!!


Hildred said...

Walk while you can Penny, and enjoy it. Life is what you make it, but you are right, you have to put a lot of effort into having fun as you get older!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Day!! I was born in Chicago which is located on Lake Michigan. It commonly can be really cool and really humid at the same time. My husband does not understand the concept...but since we don't live there, I guess he doesn't have too. I'm 66 and wake up every day at about 4 AM. My usual habit is to be on the computer until about 7 and either work around the house or go back to bed. If I don't go back for a morning nap, it hits me around 3 or 4 PM. Whether I am tired or bored, I'm not sure. This crappy cold and snow can be depressing. I wish a had a wonderful place to walk along a coast. My neighborhood is pretty boring with a loose dog or two that can be threatening and illegal.
xx, Carol