Monday, January 29, 2018

Once a doll maker, always a doll maker.

It has rained today, cooler and lovely. We walked this morning but John has just shut down the computer with my photos on it so....Instead photos of the doll I have just finished. One of Jill Maas creations, but I can't find the pattern so had to make it up, a bit odd in the arms but no one will notice when she is dressed. Finally her hair, can't find my hair but found this knitting stuff which did well. Pleased with her. Now for Ratty with his hottie. Max beat his way into the house again last night, I wouldn't mind if he didn't smell. As a rescue dog I can't wash him he won't let me near him with a brush or water, he is so sweet in every other way. Oh well.


Linda Calverley said...

Love the stripey legs and shoes

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Way to improvise! My dogs hate a bath. I hate to GIVE them a bath.
xx, Carol