Saturday, January 27, 2018

No snakes seen on our walk today

Although there could have been, we walked on the top of the cliffs, long grass on the side of the path. It got hot quite quickly. I will be glad when we get a decent change but not for a while I think. Most of the day was spent inside, I sewed and we both watched an Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant film set in Paris, Charade. It was quite fun and she is was so beautiful. Nice just occasionally to do that. We watched well no I watched the New Zealand film Hunt for the Wildepeople with Sam Neil and the 'fat boy' very funny, we had seen it before and I loved it as much the second time around. 'George and Max seem to be at odds with each other, I moved Georges meals area to near an outside door and I think Max comes and makes faces at him. There seems to have been a lot of swearing going on. Dinner (crumbed Coorong mullet) is ready to be cooked and the salad is made. I have just had a glass of bubbly. feeling a bit relaxed, finally. Just hope I survive this wretched weather, give me winter any time.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I hate snakes. Even the harmless ones. Last year I realized that what I thought were frog eggs in the pond were actually TOAD eggs. Toads attract snakes, which we have had a problem with in the pond the past couple of years. So THIS spring I'll keep an eye out for those eggs and drag 'em out before they hatch. Those snakes eat my beloved FROGS!! I know you hate the heat and I think it might get hotter where you are than where I am. The humidity is the killer here. I am counting down to Spring. I long to be outside enjoying the sun with no ice on my pond. Until then, I am so happy to be stitching.
xx, Carol

Robin Mac said...

Are you likely to see many snakes on your walks there? I imagine they would be the venomous ones too so you would need to be a bit wary. We often get complaints at the Botanic Gardens about the fact that there are snakes occasionally. The habitat is just perfect for snakes so there is not much we can do other than put out warning signs!
I suppose Max and George are still sorting their boundaries in the new location and establishing who is boss where!
Hot weather up here too, temps not as high as you but high humidity which makes it horrible. Still only the odd brief shower, no sign of the wet season yet.... Sigh.