Monday, January 08, 2018

Another lovely morning walk

Very early it is beautiful and cool but later when the clouds have burnt off it is amazingly warm. Not a sign of the jellyfish in the water this morning and only a couple of dead ones on the beach. I guess that they all got washed out to a different beach. I spent the morning re arranging some pots out the front. I hope that they survive and dont get too burnt as they do get a lot of morning sun, but then that should be better than afternoon. I do need another hose as the one we have has to be moved from tap to other tap, only 2 taps! I am used to lots of taps. There is a photo on my facebook page, but I will try to take another on my camera and not on the tablet. I have done several washes, after all it is Monday, not that I ever stick to when I wash, just when I think things need doing. Today I received a lovely post card in the mail from Fiona ande Barry in Queensland, but when I tried to scan it something happened and it looked odd. Tomorrow I will take its photo, I love the type face that has been used. So lucky to have it I think. I have been silly, thought I could stop a bit of my pain killers, ok for a few days but not today, so back to not thinking I know best I think. My expensive little car is home too, we really didnt need to have to pay to fix it but then I also need my car and although she is getting rather elderly we cant do without her.

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Barry said...

P - may you continue to be able to control the aches and pains and enjoy your walks and creativity. B