Saturday, June 11, 2016

Walks, yesterday and today

finally we managed a couple of walks, yesterday after shopping and before going to the pictures a walk along the cliff top near Petrel cove and this morning along the beach near Kent Reserve. We have had some high tides and storm surges and although there was some sea weed along the beach some had washed away and so had some of the sand from the for dune. Lovely walks but tiring, I have to watch my feet on the sea weed. a lone black oyster catcher and shag but no hooded plover, there were 6 on the beach the other day.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Penny, your photographs make me so envious of where you live. We live in such a beautiful area, but I have never lived near to the sea; it must be wonderful.

Penny said...

Thanks Weaver, I love our beach walks, I find walking around the farm too difficult as I don't see the humps and bumps very well.We are only 10 minutes from the sea and have very varied types of beaches from surf to reef. Having said that I really loved your area when I was there.