Friday, June 24, 2016

A very strange rabbit.

I had to take a photo of a bit of sun. We have had rain squalls all day very cold and when we actually got some sun I raced into the sun room for a photo. I have just heard that Britain is not wanting to keep with the E U interesting times ahead there I think.So to the rabbit, very strange !! He is a free bee from Jill Maas, a lovely cloth doll designer. I made him from a piece of of odd coloured pane velvet. I think maybe I should have put his head further back but I do rather like him, little monster rabbit!! Just had a visit from an old school friend, we were in kindergarten and then all through school together . It was fun to catch up, hadn't seen each other for ages.


Girija Manikandan said...

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Penny said...

He looks like he needs a bit of cheering up -- and I'm so glad that you're watching over him.