Friday, June 03, 2016

Fog this morning

When I got up around 6.30 this morning it was quite clear and by about 8 am the fog was on the top of the hills, by the time we went into Victor to shop you could barely see anything. Lighter in Victor but got steadily thicker again. Didnt lift until quite a lot later and was freezing cold. Winter is here. I had a lovely day yesterday, lunch in town with friends to celebrate a 79 th birthday, I am in my 80th year she said proudly, and after quite a few health scares in her life is fit and well and certainly doesnt look her age. I didnt get home until well after dark, a hold up with an accident on the way home and I dont drive much at night much any more so it was rather a white knuckle drive for some of it with traffic and lights pouring at me from the other way. Once I got more onto the open road it was easier. Shopping and ironing today, corned beef for dinner so we have some cold meat for sandwiches for lunch next week.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

You into Winter, us into Summer - but it feels like Winter here too.