Monday, June 27, 2016


I still can't access the Internet on my laptop so photos may be few and far between. I may be able to use Johns but he uses it a lot and we don't often have the time to work out who can do what. We argue as he does things completely different to me. Not really worth it. We did walk along the cliffs, no whales although there have been several around, including a couple of Orcas, among the surfers, might have been a bit interesting for them. George has had a bit of a tummy upset, but seems OK now, spent a lot of time curled up in odd places. Does love the fire, but then so do I. I am knitting a rabbit one of Little cotton rabbits patterns, so far it is nice to do but now I have to make the legs, might have to go in a quiet corner to do it.


Penny said...

This picture looks so cozy -- I always have to remember that we are in opposite seasons *smile*. Can't wait to see your rabbit.

Robin Mac said...

I hope the rabbit is going well. George looks so comfortable, his tummy troubles must be going away. I sometimes wish we lived in a climate where we could have a fire in winter, but then I remember that my joints would not like the cold one little bit! Cheers