Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cats and photos from a walk

I have been very naughty and havent been blogging. It is so cold and wet and windy that going out here to my bedroom to use the computer is something I tend to put off. I use my tablet by the fire but dont always have the photos on that. I have been making more felt cats, mostly to see which ones I like to make and also to put away for presents. I have been having fun, lots of ideas on pinterest. We did manage a walk yesterday, in a very light drizzle, the road along the base of the Bluff is relatively sheltered and the sea was quite flat for a change so I took the photo of the reflections in the water below the jetty and on the other side where there was some rather nice textures in rocks and logs. I missed the seal though. To day it is pouring with rain so I am inside trying to catch up on a few bits and pieces it is cold too so I am about to sit by the fire and knit for a little while to thaw out..


Suztats said...

Love the water reflections, and your kitties are very cute. Happy knitting by the fire.

John Gray said...

Love the cat x