Sunday, June 26, 2016


My lap top has been sick, I can't get it to connect to anything but my emails. We have both spent hours trying to work out what is wrong, and then how to connect my camera to a/ WiFi and b/to my tablet. All very frustrating and time wasting. So here I am with one photo I took this morning. Yesterday I had some wonderful photos as we went over to Pt Elliot and there were some spectacular waves coming over the rocks. It has been very cold and a bit damp, but I have managed to pull some weeds and knitted a rabbits head. Oh and a bit of news, looks as if, all going well, we will b e great grand parents again early in the New Year. Great excitement.

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Robin Mac said...

Frustrating about your laptop, but very exciting news about the baby coming. The weather map last night seemed to indicate slightly better weather for you, I hope that is right. Turning cold up here at last. Cheers