Monday, June 06, 2016

My lovely bag arrived

My lovely bag designed and made by Ann Jackson in Victoria arrived today. I had seen some she made and sold at Ballarat and really wanted one, she was coming over to visit her daughter but unfortunately we were on kangaroo Island so sent and paid for. Love it, it has a secret pocket for a phone etc. A walkers bag she calls it with room for a bottle of water. My blogging has been a bit haphazard I am afraid, we walked this morning and as you can see the beach was largely unwalkable with banks of sea weed along it. My back has been bad for a week so I have done very little, all I needed to do and a lot of reading, anything to forget about the ache. I havent had one like this for ages and just hope I get over it soon. Walking has been difficult too. Riding in the car rather a disaster too and I seem to have done a lot of that. It has come in cold and and dark and rainy at the moment, still it is winter, we had 18 mm in 2 sharp bursts of rain last night and it was sunny enough to get sheets out and in, just a bit of airing needed this morning, and now it is pouring again. I will be in Adelaide for a day and a night tomorrow, dentist, then staying with P and John will pick me up after he has a meeting in town on Wednesday so it works reasonably well, it will be nice to spend a bit of time with P as we usually fly in and fly out again.


Penny said...

I'm so sorry your back is 'giving you fits' right now. Hope it eases up so that you are more comfortable. Your new bag is lovely!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Beautiful bag - how I envy people who are clever at that sort of thing.
Do hope your back is soon better. Have you tried physiotherapy? I go to my physio every six weeks for a session whether I feel the need or not. And she keeps me going very well