Sunday, January 03, 2016

walking on a new beach

Well a new part, this was on the Goolwa beach towards Middleton, it is where John and the fellows had been the other day to get cockles. today was cool and windy and overcast, we did have some rain this morning but that had blown away. There were people cockling and walking but the tide was low and plenty of room for all. Coming back through the track through the sand hills was a bit of a challenge but it was lovely all the same. I have been finding the beaches we usually walk very crowded at the moment so this was bliss. We had a whole 0.04 mm or rain over night, not enough to get excited about but has stopped the dust a bit. Just as well I did the chores before we went off as now all I want to do is sleep. If you look on my other blog, on the side bar, I am starting a new challenge which should be fun, not too onerous but enough to keep me thinking I think.


Robin Mac said...

It is always lovely to find an almost deserted beach to walk along. How do they search for cockles? Is it a bare foot scrunching in the sand?
I hope you get some more rain. We have had a couple of gorgeous wet days up here with no strong winds - best new Year present ever.

Penny said...

Its nice to know that its cooling off a bit. Hope it stays that way. There's nothing better than walking on a near empty beach - especially early in the morning or around sunset.