Saturday, January 09, 2016

Walking the cliffs

A beautiful morning, not too hot although it has heated up through the day. We walked the cliffs, very low tide. I had been to the market and shopped earlier, came home with some beans and radishes and apricots which I stewed. I also made a potato salad for tonight, off to a bbq at our youngest daughters house. John has spent most of the day trying to work out where we have a problem with water, always happens when it hasnt rained for ages and it is hot, luckily he found a leak in a pipe but has taken him a lot of the day to fix it. I finished a tiny tiny elephant and painted some backgrounds, photos tomorrow I hope. Thankfully we can now use the airconditioner.

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Robin Mac said...

Your beaches always look so interesting Penny. I am glad John found the leak, they can be vey tricky sometimes - and leak a lot of water too! I hope the weather does not heat up too much for you. We are hot and sticky here. missing the rain. Our daughter-in-law measured nearly 3 inches at their house only about 10 km from us, we got about two drops!