Sunday, January 31, 2016

This morning in the paddock

we were checking water in the dam, loved these clouds, looks very brown and dry and it is amazing how the rain just soaked in. OOps I hadnt realised my hand was in the 2nd photo, taking photos from the car, lazy woman. I am paying with an aching back for trying to plant a canna in very root bound soil. At least it was damp. I just hope I havent done something silly and it (the plant ) survives. Not sure about my back.


Robin Mac said...

Can't imagine you could kill a Canna Penny, they are pretty tough, but your back might me a different story, I hope it stops hurting soon. Cheers

Penny said...

Ouch!!! Hope you're back will heal quickly.

Barry said...

Hi P - seems you might have had quite a boot of rain down your way - hope it continues to be good soaking rain not flooding. Go well. B