Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lovely couple of days

double click to enlarge. I made this collage up after we had walked over at the Middleton cliffs this morning. cool, overcast and I suppose we came here years ago but as we were divers, not surfers this wasnt an area we went to often. A lovely walk and the cliffs were very interesting. Lots of dog walkers and the tide was quite low. Then we went on to Goolwa to see a lovely exhibition at Signal Point, it included the Jam Factory 40 years exhibition. Over to the market where I bought some petunias as finally most of my pansies have succumbed to the hot weather. We actually got nearly 6 mm in a thunderstorm and it has been relatively cool and muggy. Yesterday morning we went to the local farmers market, then a walk on the beach and finally a quick trip around the artistic market that was on in Railway Terrace, quite interesting and I found a clever girl called Zinia King who is an illustrator and designer, she plays with pen and colour using birds and animals, better than mine but relatively similar. I bought some postcards from her. Something a little different. If you go over to my other blog (on my side bar) you will see I have been doing a bit of playing and art journaling. On the whole an interesting few days but now I am either having an attack on my sinus or I am getting a cold. Damn. Hope everyone in Australia has a great Australia Day on Tuesday, my flag is hung. in the branches of a bottle brush tree, sadly I dont have a flag pole but at least the tree is native to here.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Penny, it is always so interesting to read of your life literally on the other side of the world. I didn;t know it was Australie Day on Tuesday, so now I shall be thinking of you.