Thursday, January 21, 2016

I didnt take my camera!!

I hate taking photos with my phone, it is so slow. this morning we went in to walk the cliffs at Petrels after we had done the shopping and on the way home there was this young edge tail eagle on the road trying to eat a dead rabbit. No Camera!! I could have taken some wonderful shots and this is all I got, I think if you click twice it will enlarge. They are huge and it takes time for them to get off the ground, he looked hilarious with his feathery legs looking like baggy trousers running up the road, NO CAMERA and when he took off he perched for a while and then took off with a huge wing span. NO CAMERA. I have never felt so frustrated.


Penny said...

Its wonderful that you got to look at him for so long. I suspect it takes so much for him to get himself up in the air that he's not able to fly off too fast. A wonderful sight.

Robin Mac said...

You still got a couple of excellent shots. They are magnificent birds. i remember one in the middle of the Bruce Highway just north of Rockhampton years ago. We were travelling at 100kph in one direction and another car came towards us travelling just as fast. The eagle had no time to take off so he folded his wings tight into his side and stood there - and survived! Cheers