Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sea steam train and garden

the sea photo I took yesterday morning, this morning it was hotter and muggy and horrid, having been promised a cooler day down here. On that premise we decided to go early to see the big Rotary art show, usually we go on the opening night but it has been so hot and inside a huge marquee when it is hot is not comfortable. It wasnt terribly comfortable this morning either but we managed it, as usual a mix of good and bad paintings but some I really loved. On the way back to the car we were stopped by the cockle train steam engine on its way back to the turntable, we didnt go there but it was lovely to get a couple of really close shots of the engine, steam blowing, engines grumbling, no wonder the early inhabitants thought they were living creatures Then to turn around and take a photo of the original station masters houses garden. After pretty sleepless night it was a boost to do that this morning. It is that time of the year when on a year like this things start to break down, water has problems, there is little money and the whole thing is a worry.

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Penny said...

I'm sorry that things are not going well for you -- and hope as the days move forward (hopefully getting cooler soon) that you are feeling better. I LOVE the steam locomotives, they always bring back an era in time that seems like it was so much simpler than our lives are now.