Sunday, January 10, 2016

Teeny tiny elephant, a bit of the garden and my lovely foal

I finished this tiny little elephant yesterday, she is so cute but I think I may enlarge the pattern size a bit more as she was quite fiddly to do. Sorry, I found the pattern on the net but dont know whose it is, if any one knows please let me know. It wasnt too hot early this morning and as John had gone fishing I felt I needed to walk a bit so wandered down the track, taking this photo of the newish bed I had made and then down to see my lovely foal gout of my beautiful Section B Welsh mare, Imperial Magdalene, the filly is by the stallion we lost last year, the only mare we put to him but she is developing into a lovely filly. destined for a saddle career I think. It has now got quite hot and the sun is out, it was overcast all morning so I have had to put on the airconditioner, John rang to say that they had some fish which is good. We were so lucky last night as our grand daughters partner has craypots and last night we were invited for a bbq with a lovely fresh crayfish as part of the meal. If you look at my other blog, on the side bar you will also see what I have been doing. Have to keep busy in this heat, I can only do so much sitting down and reading.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

What a darling sweet little foal..