Monday, August 03, 2015

Yesterday and today

We went looking at galleries yesterday, one was at the Marina on Hindmarsh Island, a couple of shots of boats, the weather was lovely early and then got worse as the day wore on. Saw some interesting stuff, and then some not so interesting stuff, always the way with SALA offerings. This morning we started out on the beach in not sun but ok skies, then it decided to get wetter and wetter, we had our jackets on so only got wet legs, it was cool and brisk and quite fun but as it showed no indication of lifting we went on up to the bike track and home. I did manage between showers to plant a couple of pots of pansies that I had bought at the Goolwa market on Sunday so I hope a little more colour in the garden. I have spent most of the day feeling a little 'off', not sure why, and doing mundane household chores. A generally grey and dull and damp day. I am looking for some sun.


Penny said...

I'm glad to hear you got some rain and I'm sure the little pansies loved it.

Hildred said...

Perhaps we have sent some of our sun your way, Penny, - it is not shining down on us today, at any rate, and we are finding great relief in cooler weather and cloudy skies....

Barry said...

Hi P - hope you are feeling better - the sun and blue sky can do a lot to lift the spirits. Go well. B

Gail Pierce said...

thought that it was about time I stopped in to visit your blog!
love seeing what you've been up to and especially love your photos
of the ocean. I do miss living along the ocean. What was I thinking
moving to the CA desert. Must have been nuts! 108 is the average temp
and we've had a few 115-122 days. Being on the opposite sides of the world
like we are it's always strange to read how cold it is where you are. xo