Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Spring must be coming

My 'fairy' plums are coming out, love this very simple plums blossom. we walked over at Pt Elliot this morning, as John said there must be a big pressure system far to the south of us, here the waves come right in from the antarctic and there were some huge waves, not quite so obvious until they hit the rocks, that one with the spray went way higher than I could catch it with my camera. Wonderfully stirred up but no where near as windy as the last few days. Still cold a good walk, I have been busy tidying and doing some dusting and mopping, clothes in from the line, dinner to think about, saw something of fb I might try, chicken with spinach and parmesan. Not a good night last night so a bit tired today, I have been doing something I have meant to do for ages, cut and paste. When I see something I like I print it off and paste into a large book, so many ideas to catch up on later, even just nice to look through them. Max is barking, its his dinner time.


Barry said...

Hi P - I love your coastal walks - the changing light is refreshing. Glad that you could be out enjoying it. Get well. B

Penny said...

I think there's a lot of climatic activity over the oceans these days. Love those huge waves - they are so powerful and they make me realize how very, very small my essence is in this huge, magical, wonderful world.

Gail Pierce said...

when I yearn for the ocean all I have to do is visit your blog! many of the photos look like
the ones I took on the Monterey Peninsula coast, there is a similarity of terrain.