Sunday, August 09, 2015

Week end wandering

double click to enlarge. We had another week end where we walked, this time around the point at Pt Elliot and then today we went over to Willunga, Mclaren Flat and McLaren Vale, looking at studios and SALA Works in various wineries and other places. We also called on D, the captain of the boat John goes fishing in, he has had a skin graft and has not been well, I took over biscuits and we had tea with him, so nice to catch up. It was a cool day but sun and clouds, all the vines are in their winter sleep but the area looked magnificent and we saw some lovely paintings. I came home full of enthusiasm. I love wandering over there and the bonus of good paintings is fantastic. I think also what I love is going to artists studios and Leslie Redgates' was one to remember, saw a painting there I would love but out of my price range so i bought some lovely cards instead. The house I photographed is hers.

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Penny said...

As for winter 'down under' -- its absolutely beautiful.