Friday, August 14, 2015

Around the garden with my tablet

Oh look there is a Welsh Cob at the bottom of the orchard. A few early blossoms are out but I nearly missed the earliest. I went looking to see what had been wrecked by the frosts. I will not have any aloe flowers this year which is sad as I lo e their red pokers brightening up dull days. my bright red camellia always pleases me, such a clear red, called Firefox if my memory serves me well. Graeme, the cob (pen-nant primetime) enjoys his yard over looking the paddocks. Very low cloud and mizzle this morning, a bit of sun when I went out so changeable, we never know when it will be freezing cold, wet or sunny.

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Barry said...

Hi P - don't you just love that our phones and tablets become such instruments to capture and share the simple beauty iof our environment? Go well. B