Sunday, August 16, 2015

This morning

As you can see a busy morning. double click to enlarge the photos. I think in doing the collage I may have cut off part of Millie's head, she was having so much fun riding her pony who is very much in her winter woolies! I had walked down through the mud to see if we had any foals, we dont, and saw these lovely clouds across the valley and behind me, we had quite a thick fog this morning. Then over to Pt Elliot to walk around the path which hasnt been finished yet so a short walk but I didnt feel I needed a long one after negotiating the muyd this morning. Over to see Tab and Millie was riding her pony, one of ours so it was lovely to catch up with all of that. I havent been feeling 100% so I am being a bit slow today, I have been reading some older diaries, trying to find some dates and boy I was doing an awful lot in 2002 which is when I had my eye operated on, not sure I am up ot all of that at the moment.

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Penny said...

Lovely pictures. Will it begin to be warmer soon?