Monday, November 01, 2010

TAST 34 & 35

I was a bit behind with my TAST stitches that Sharon b ( see side bar) has been running but I had a bit of quiet time yesterday and did these, not terribly well but here they are. the first was quite fun and is Buttonholed double chain, i had a couple of goes before I got it right but quite like it.
The second rather barb wire looking one was not too difficult again once I had thought about it, and kept on thinking! You will see a couple of mistakes. This one is Spiked knotted Cable chain.
Things are betting busy here and so some things get put on hold and then the weeks have gone so I am glad I have caught up.


shirley said...

Your first efforts were better than mine,Penny, and you picked it up quickly..but I am happy to have got them finished so I dont get behind.

Your buttonholed chain is perfect.

Raphaela said...

Like your stitching.